A lineup of solutions available at DesignQubes


DesignQubes takes an innovative approach to Internet marketing and web design that integrates marketing goals into the creative process. Everything we do at Aayushi is aligned to increase your sales and improve customer relations. We develop strategic Internet marketing campaigns that are designed to dramatically reach maximum customers online.

We at DesignQubes provide professional website design, development and maintenance services. Our skilled web designers and developers accomplish various website projects from brochure sites to multi-functional web portals. We have a large pool of resources and the required business and technical expertise to develop websites of any complexity. We provide complete front-end and back-end development based on the latest technologies and industry trends. Professional Design. Our skillful coders construct reliable web sites that help your business keep growing. We use latest languages such as ASP, ASP.Net, AJAX, PHP and For Database we use MS SQL, My SQL & MS Access.



Incredibly flexible, Highly Customizable, Easy to Set up and Use, Safe and sound. This is what you must be looking in your ecommerce solution or better say Shopping cart software.

Rapidly growing competition and ever-changing market trends have elevated the need of efficient shopping cart software. There is no end to attractive and accessible features that a successful ecommerce solution must have. But you must be considerate about your budget as well as business needs. Sonicsoft Solutions offers you an exciting yet affordable range of ecommerce solution that can help you achieve your desired profitability, motivating customer service, reducing overheads, and revenues that you dreamt of. DesignQubes offers a total end-to-end ecommerce solution for companies and firms seeking to launch and maintain a professional and effective retail presence on the Internet.



An application that is accessed via The World Wide Web which is coded in a browser-friendly language is known as web application. Programmers familiar with ASP.NET or PHP perform web application development in order to create web pages. We have knowledge and expertise in developing advanced systems with complex business logic dealing with large amounts of data and transactions. We are able to supply you with an innovative, trustworthy software solutions to complement your business ideas.



DesignQubes strives to provide offshore custom software solutions that will help you remain in step with your competition by continuously improving your information technology based business solutions. For this we use the latest software development tools, engineering and management practices. Sonic Soft Solution's time proven experience and reputable expertise in providing custom software solutions has enabled us to meet our customer's requirement and even surpassing their expectations.

We have top of the class industry certified software development professionals which includes project managers, software engineers, testers and designers who would adapt to your every need. In our offshore software development model, transparent project management practices that emphasize customer communication at pre determined intervals through e-mail, teleconferencing and video conferencing ensure that the customer and the project delivery team have a consistent understanding of requirements and project status at all time while developing the custom applications.

DesignQubes partners with emerging software leaders and provides them with custom software solutions spanning over the complete life cycle of product and application development. Our expertise lies in clearly perceiving the business goals of our customers, choosing the most appropriate technology and efficiently designing and developing solutions that cater to the need identified by the business. Using our mature development methodology in building custom software solutions we help our customers to achieve their business needs. The combination of our technology experience, our project management expertise and our excellent track record in building custom software solutions has made Sonicsoft Solutions a powerful choice for our clients.



A company logo is vital for the image of your company or business. Branding gives you a hold in the market and your company's logo is the main essence of your brand. Updating an existing logo also catches more attention. Logo designing is a very powerful tool to represent your business in a unique way. It plays a very important role in creating brand awareness and impression to your business. It easily penetrates into the customers mind. As face is the index of one's psychology we believe that the logo of a company or business house will reveal everything about their firm.

We design creative, unique and customized logos for your business at affordable prices. We use combination of different colors, fonts and diagrams for designing your logo. We will guarantee about visiting for details of your Website as soon as a browser had a glimpse of your e- logo. We use a proven process that involves and guides you through the steps of getting a great logo. You could get your new logo as soon as one week, but it is up to you how quickly you want to move through the process. You don't have to sacrifice on quality even if your custom design projects are on a tight deadline. Once you send us the information about your company, our designers immediately go to work to create your new company logo, and you will see the logo design concepts in just 3 business days.



Web hosting makes it possible for the websites to get published on the internet. It is a service providing server space to individuals and companies for making their website reachable to the audience through internet. The space provided by the web host is like a rented space for which the clients pay a regular fee.

At Sonicsoft Solutions web hosting advantage extends to numerous features, high-speed servers and fewer nuisances.

After having gained vast knowledge and experience in hosting services, our staff understands the importance of keeping your business up and running.